Welcome to SERDI-ITS. A wholly owned subsidiary  
of SERDI-LLC. SERDI-ITS was formed as the  
international arm of SERDI-LLC to provide similar  
services to Global Clients. Additional SERDI-ITS has  
an additional component of providing Oil and Gas,  
Construction Engineering, Asset and Logistic  
Management, Refinery and Pipeline Maintenance and  
several other non-information technology components.

SERDI-ITS participation in Global Forums and Philanthropic contributions is our part in partnering with various entities to achieve
success and enhance evolving changes in the world. This approach leads to long-term relationships built on mutual trust and
respect with various Global Governments and Commercial Clients Internationally.

Our partnership makes it as easy for customers to engage our services and work closely with us throughout the life of an
assignment. It also means identifying and partnering with high-quality contractors and vendors who can provide our customers
uninterrupted value in the toughest environments.
To learn more about the philanthropic arm of the company please visit [http://www.gohelpafrica,org]www.gohelpafrica,org.